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Scenario #2, Talon Castle ruins


Down on the coast of Zogland is a ruin called Talon castle.

1) skelatal remains, not undead.

2) entrance One skeleton to the North. Three skeletons to the South. MR 10 scimitar 4 dice and shield takes one hit

3) two skeletons, MR 10 scimitar 4 dice and shield takes one hit

4) a partially blocked entrance. The boards might cover a trap.

5) moving the rocks, hopefully after the skeletons are dead, will find a small box. It has two 50 gp pearls, and 25 silver pieces in it.

6) and 7) deadly fungi.

8) stairs down into the basement.

9) just a skeleton

10) The two skeletons to the south, with green shields, have a low level poison and spikes on their shields. Luck 1 save to avoid. Fail means 2 hits to strength. MR 10 scimitar 4 dice and shield takes one hit

11) in a shallow hole under this skeleton is a small ring. Any fire attacks on wearer are at half damage.

12) a wooden hatch in the dirt. Drop into the basement.

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