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Scenarios #1, haunted ruins, Petal, Zogand


There are no flowers with petals in this town.

Hexagons have been added to this map. 10’ across.

Two ruined buildings and an old ruined temple. Temple is on a pedestal 10 feet up. The white ‘plates’ are pillars or part of fallen pillars.

Bldg 1:

room 1, empty

room 2, skeleton, MR 2

room 3, scimitar floating above a stone circle which is sunk into the ground. Slightly rusty, no magic.

Bldg 2:

room 1, empty

room 2, 2 skeletons, MR 2 each

room 3, 1 skeleton, MR 2


1, stairs, stone dirt, dirt leaves

2, fallen over pillar pieces, small harmless snake under it. MR 1

3. pothole in floor, 1st level roll vs. Dex or fall.

4. skeleton, 1st level roll vs. luck, or skeleton gets first blow due to surprise. , MR 2

5. shrouded body. Dead, not undead. Has a pouch of 100 gp and one 50 gp gem.

6. peep hole so adventurers can look in.

7. fallen over pillar pieces, poisonous snake hiding under it. MR 1

8. loose stone on side of pedistal. 3 centipedes with MR 1 and 25 loose silver pieces.

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